Sunday, July 29, 2012


The present communication is intended to introduce you to our "Starters" project . This is a beginning attempt of ThoughtSigns, Inc. (TSI) [an AutoGnomics Corporation (AC) tech affiliate] to initiate joint projects that emphasize the need to have a strong "human (affective) platform" [the ThriveSignsGroup, Inc.'s (TSGI) tech developments] on which to build a gradually more encompassing "mind" technology [AutoGnomics - including affective, cognitive and intuitive functions] with an ever diminishing pushback from users as a threat to their "humanness". Most importantly with respect to the AC/TSI purposes, the artifacts of the ongoing process of inquiry within a community—the notes and on-line conversations—are detailed evidence on which  AutoGnomic learning technology can begin to evolve virtual minds reflecting the habits of thought and action of individuals and the community as a whole. These virtual minds will further contribute to the success of the community in several ways:

·         A coach “holds a mirror up for their clients, so they can see their own thinking process.” It is for this reason, a coach is someone (or something?) other than ourselves. With the possibility of virtual minds that are unbiased reflections of ourselves, we gain access to virtual coaches that are utterly dedicated and always available.

·         These virtual minds can also act as agents of individuals or community in initiating activity or responding to the activities of others. Perhaps most importantly, as virtual and tireless agents, they would be effective mediators between our limited human capacities and the essentially limitless content and activities of the wider virtual world.

·         In the final state of emergence, these virtual minds could become pragmatic members in their communities; participating in autonomous communal inquiry, not unlike their human collaborators in creating and refining knowledge.

Sharon Seivert has sent you a message.
Date: 7/25/2012
Subject: Announcing an Exciting Project

Hello friends & colleagues,

Since the publication of The Balancing Act, I have used TBA’s holistic, practical approach to help hundreds of people start new businesses, projects and jobs. I have witnessed over and over that, by claiming their freedom of expression and creativity, my clients have moved on to new work where they could thrive personally--and more easily contribute their innate gifts to our collective economic and social welfare.

My colleagues and I are launching an exciting "virtual coaching" tool called The Starters' Guidebook & Community. This initiative would allow a much broader audience to benefit from what The Balancing Act can do for them. 

Best wishes & have a great day! - Sharon