Friday, January 30, 2015

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We are creating an open, online Community of Self-conscious
Inquiry, Inference and Action, a
to crowd source the present global consensus understanding of
The AutoGnomics Institute ( TAI )
Going Beyond…to know Life-itself more fully

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Philosophy, broadly defined as that hierarchical mode of inquiry which keeps drilling for foundation notions upon which existent knowledge rests, is clearly evident in the wonder of young children expressed in their constant “what, why, how, - - - -“. However, with their ongoing institutional learning constrained by imposed rules as to what is to be valued, their knowledge tends to the specific and their habits of learning dampen their self-confidence in the value of open, free inquiry into whatever triggers their curiosity.

 We are building a web platform for forming a grassroots people's online network (Community of Inquiry) of autonomous thinkers of all ages and backgrounds and commitments. Together they will be the source of the diverse experience, inspiration and innovation through which Humanity can creatively participate in the continued co-evolution of a new consciousness for understanding and explicating Life-Itself. This approach is to be distinguished from any approach founded solely upon the restricted experience and Material Worldview of an "authority-based" selection of small communities of experts.

Initiating intention:  Through the intentional gathering of living experience we might identify – bring into focus – a common thread or threads of human experience about what it means to be alive – what are the commons, unifying properties beyond the historic “can reproduce”, etc.   To know life as initiating, creative, ever evolving, changing, becoming; To look at consciousness – the organizing ways life forms, knows itself, creates its complexity, yet manages to coherently maintain itself, create meaning, experience itself, know itself both as whole as well as a part while permitting maximum freedom and free will to actual entities of form and forming.
The immediate focus of this Community of Inquiry is to serve as the online information/communications center from which to organize a global internet-based people’s research network from which the cooperative synthesis and application of a computer-based form of a virtual citizen philosopher/scientist can be realized. The intention is to structure this effort as an open participation opportunity for anyone or everyone at any time and anywhere to individually and/or collectively, dynamically and interactively, record their personally experienced sense and conceptualization of Life-Itself, ultimately with the collaboration of one’s personal virtual citizen philosopher/scientist partner.

Purpose:  To do philosophy of the ways of Life-itself - to explore realms of direct sense, intuitive experience – not so much to argue perspectives, but to share perspectives, to learn from one another with intention towards more complete understanding of organizing ways common throughout living/live experience.  Dare we say to discover organizing principles (realities so obvious there is no other) towards a new science of Life-itself? 

Background: So much of the current dominant worldview is formed from having learned, known and grown a perception of reality as an object-based representational view of reality in which we live. It’s a world of thingness and fixedness. Going beyond this “fixed” worldview opens opportunities for deeper knowing of softer, subtle living process, energies and capacities such as intuitive awareness, sensing, of knowing meaning-making, valuing beyond the concrete, object-based view of reality.  


·       To explore these mysteries that we might better know ourselves (to self-know) as human beings/becomings (not human fixed things) within a wholeness of constant initiating, changing, becoming, creating, and knowing.

·       To learn from our collective experience pool – how life organizes itself in and with each of us and to learn where we intersect in our experience – to be in our “receptive mode” of intuitively knowing more of the ways of wholeness.

So that the following benefits might ensue:

1)    A more fully developed working hypotheses from which to seek deeper knowing, a more complete worldview/life-view on ways of Life-itself.

2)    Develop a working infrastructure for sharing experiences – for capturing our stories (nested levels of sharing).

3)    A means of distillation – through selecting the most coherent and comprehensive examples of hypotheses on ways of Life-itself.

4)    Implications and applications of perspectives gained towards social and natural challenges that have emerged from long-held “fixed” worldview developed from one-sided/incomplete view known as our science/philosophy of material, object-based reality (physics/substance metaphysics). 

5)    We see this effort not as problem solving as if there are problems to be fixed, but to create anew, to grow beyond that which has taken habit and to encourage the forming of conscious presencing to see that if by taking a wholistic/live perspective we might experience a shift in what is possible; that in changing the focus of perspective – new ways become possible, and that we learn how much we know already; that we have experience as living beings but have not had the awareness or “language” for recognizing what we live all the time.

Background: Since 1992, The AutoGnomics Institute, Inc (TAI) a non-profit group doing research, consulting, facilitation and education bringing together 75 years of study exemplified by a paper authored by Norm Hirst on the emergent field  “Towards a Science of Life as Creative Organism” recently published in the Cosmos and History Journal of Natural Philosophy. TAI brings the possible into focus to grow a new worldview of live processes; a radical perspective on change for finding our way as human beings with consciousness of live, ever changing, creative processes in and with life’s inherent ways. Follow on Twitter @autognomics. TAI reveals that many of the World’s intractable problems stem largely from lack of understanding of the MultiCoRelational organic ways with which Life-itself creates and is ever becoming, finding effective coherent acts of truth with relevance and collective goodness.  However the intention here is not to “fight” for dominant perspective, but to elucidate a fuller perspective than what holds mainstream science and popular consciousness.

With a hypothesis based on decades of philosophical, formal, and theoretical studies combined with empirical applications, TAI creates learning conversations with leaders at the front lines of social change to further explore the live processes in which individuals, organizations, families, institutions, governments and the world can and does function with greatest coherence of good. A new perspective is needed to go beyond the object-based worldview, a worldview inclusive of the dynamics known and experienced throughout life yet not accounted for by our current science worldview.