Monday, October 17, 2016



 [To Mind (or Minding) is an act intended by the acting mind
 to increase the Intelligence/ Knowledge/ Wisdom in the acts of a subject mind--individual or collective]

Humans Minds are, with varying degrees of intent, generally searching for more effective and satisfying ways to inter-relate – interpersonally; within families, communities, and organizations; in understanding different cultures and socio-economic and environmental relations; and in creative cooperation with nature. But without an understanding of the notion of relation and its experiential realizations, each human-being drives their own little bumper car in the carnival of life merely waiting for the next collision and reaction. Never seeing the collective movement. Never understanding the inter-related Whole.

Imagine, if just for a moment, that all of human kind could move toward a more fluid, peaceful, and symbiotic Whole with their fellow human beings and the world at large, if only we were to tweak one tiny simple presumption in the traditional collective thinking of our global culture. That is “One of the most profound scientific recognitions of modern times is that the Universe no longer can be represented only through material objects, but rather must be seen as fundamentally relational. If the manifest Universe is relational, then it behooves us to understand how relations relate!” [Edited from Hamann, J. R. and Rindge, J. P. (1978) "A New Transforming Symbol System", Human Dimensions, 6, Nos. 1 and 2]. In this context MultiCoRelationalism was born and is being applied in developing a formal foundation for the collective understanding of the Nature of MIND.

It is often said that “two minds are better than one”! Yet we all recognize that the individual mind is the prime source of human creativity. These seemingly conflicting impressions are reconcilable from Humanity’s perspective when a created “truth” is also “collectively relevant” and of “general value to humanity”. However, the creativity of humans has generated profound societal change, including rapidly exploding information availability (the Internet), leaving humanity with an information overload for which the human mind requires a technological assist to effectively act on the continually changing information. The traditional scientific approach to a solution has been in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. Despite the positive and sometimes seemingly miraculous results of the AI solutions (like self-driving cars), the general experience of managing the convergence of big data, cloud computing, and ubiquitous networked sensors/devices in AI supported decision making, has led to a continuing disappointment with the lack of explainability of many of these AI engineered solutions. As a consequence, there is an alternative rapidly growing neo-scientific and collective-enterprise value being placed on autonomous and adaptive self-generating synthetic intelligence theories and technologies more closely replicating the processes of Mind than the engineered AI models of brain function. ThoughtSigns’ strategy is to ride this growing wave of emerging theory, enabling technologies, and market interest, all of which, due to their lack of a generalized artificial intelligence, implicate the necessary need and value of ThoughtSigns’ Synthetic Intelligence (SI)/Synthetic Mind (AutoGnome (AG)) development, all the while sustaining a technological applications business advantage by partnering with AI developers in the implementation of their existing AI software as initial commercial solutions which can then be morphed into AG solutions. A first generative instantiation of this Synthetic Intelligence is a Scientific Intelligence. The automation of the logics of inquiry and inference will enable machines to learn from data, and ask relevant questions to obtain new data. This promises a reformed Scientific Method inclusive of the Collective Intelligence Quotients for each of the T/R/V - Truth with Relevance and Value for Humanity as Whole.

Concomitant with the emergence of the prolific AI/SI developments, of equal importance has been the momentous introduction of the concept of a network as the operating infrastructure of our global socioeconomic reality. The Internet has led to a new socioeconomic structure, a MultiCoRelational System composed of multiple and fluid connections, operating within hierarchical and heterarchical levels, to access and process a wide range of capital resources. Networks have the capacity to process not only goods and services, but also information in a manner that promotes wide-ranging collective involvement in strategic planning and decision-making rather than special groups with unilateral information transference. Formally, it is known that the value of a network grows as the square of the number of nodes/participants in the network.

Hence, the SI/AG StartSmartR Collective Intelligence Technology, being a breakthrough in information/knowledge/wisdom technology, will solve a broad range of economically and socially important problems not effectively addressed by modern digital computing systems using AI software alone.  Commercialization of this proprietary technology will create a new industry defining the standard for virtual mind-enhancement of collective human decision-making in which ThoughtSigns, Inc. intends to become the scientific, technological and business leader. The radical, unique and novel feature of this collective intelligence is that both the Individual AutoGnome (MyWebGnome) in the collective as well as the Collective AutoGnome (CoGnome) itself are intelligent AutoGnomes. TSI through its StartSmartR Virtual Innovation Network goes beyond current virtual social networking (e.g., Facebook) and collaboration platforms (e.g., Quora) to a virtual collective-intelligence community, where users create, act, and learn within a technology-enhanced community of inquiry and inference. These community members can act on more complete, up-to-date, and relevant information while continuously refining and adding to the collective capability to achieve communal goals. StartSmartR Technology’s unique formal structure relating communal knowledge and experience will also enable autonomous synthetic intelligence to expand and augment human capacity for increased success in innovation across a wide range of applications.

TSI’s General Enterprise Model is more than an application provider - TSI will be a general capital partner (including financial, intellectual, human, relational, etc.) in contributing to the success of the Virtual Innovation Network (VIN) of Collective Enterprises which it facilitates, and will share in those successes through value appreciation, revenue sharing, long-term contracts, and through the usual crowdfunding and Technology and Organizational Development Services fee structures. As this VIN grows globally, the gradual effect of the collective intelligence on the individual mind can contribute to individual satisfaction and thereby to collective truth with individual relevance and increased value to Humanity as Whole.