Friday, May 19, 2017


PROJECT AUTOGNOME is long-term project directed at developing a standard theory of MIND and implementing it in stages as evolving Synthetic Intelligence enroute to a SyntheticMind.

The AutoGnome at the cognitive level of software engineering is essentially a Knowledge Developer.

Knowledge is that attribute of Mind focused (albeit not exclusively) on Mind’s cognitive/semantic (meaning) functionality. Knowledge grows from Intelligence (the syntactic form) which is born of Data/Information and matures as Wisdom (Knowledge focused through Value in the choice of Acts).

In the context of a description of Mind, the following distinctions regarding Knowledge can be made:
·         Data: bits of arithmetical/linguistic records such as lists (e.g. phone lists) or 
      records in a database  or spreadsheet
·         Information: data organized so that it can be communicated
·         Intelligence: Perceptual processes focused on syntactic patterning
·         Knowledge: Cognitive processes focused on semantic patterning
·         Wisdom: Valuational Decision processes focused on pragmatic patterning
      i.e. Action Selection

The Future of the Web
In terms of the foregoing, the following definitions might be projected to emerge in characterizing the Web:
·         Web 1.0 – Syntactic Web (Perceptual; Intelligence)
·         Web 2.0 – Syntactic-based Social Web
·         Web 3.0 – Semantic Web (Cognitive; Knowledge)
·         Web 4.0 – Semantic-based Social Web
·         Web 5.0 – Pragmatic Web  (Valuational; Wisdom)
·         Web 6.0 – Pragmatic-based Social Web
·         Web 7.0– AutoGnomic (Semiotic) Web; includes its Social Web and anticipates a new computing   paradigm realizing Boundary Logic.

The current status in this development (Synthetic Mind: IntelligenceàKnowledgeàWisdom) is hovering between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 with forays into Web 3.0 and 4.0.  Hence, Synthesizing Knowledge is the present goal with Wisdom (Knowledge processed through a Value filter) still a human interpretive extension. Nevertheless, the mission of AutoGnomics, in contrast to approaches to bring AI into the Web, is to reform the Web as an AutoGnome; hence, Web 7.0 is a present goal of a Pragmatic Action Methodological approach to both a Synthetic Mind and Virtuality, the AutoGnomic Intellisite.


The function of a digital computer search engine is to locate and retrieve stored DATA (see above definition). Obviously, a developing AutoGnome can enhance the process of such search, e.g. by automating the creation of ontologies in current semantic-based search.

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